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What is Gymratts!

We started #Gymratts in 2018 so that we could show our viewers how the elite College programs train their student athletes for Collegiate Competition.

University of Miami

In June of 2019 we visited the University of Miami Campus and their brand new State of the Art Training Facility for #HurricaneFootball. Wow! The new digs were impressive, but that's not what stood out. Director of Strength and Conditioning David Feeley @Coach_DFeeley (Twitter) is what got us pumped up. His energy was infectious. So were his workouts. The Hurricane Football team is in the midst of a renaissance. Head Coach Manny Diaz is truly a South Florida Treasure. (Believe it or not,his Dad was actuallly the Mayor of Miami from 2001-2009.) He took the time to outline for us what the Strength and Conditioning Program meant to his team. "In many ways David is the catalyst for creating the culture for #HurricaneFootball. NCAA rules really limit the amount of time a Head Coach can spend with the team, but the Strength and Conditioning guys are afforded a lot more time with the student athletes. Coach Feeley has created a culture and a training regimen that sets a standard that permeates through the entire program. Words like accountability, teamwork and passion are the building blocks for our program and @Coach_DFeeley does a great job of instilling those principles into our players."

The Workout

We arrived at the Facility at 5:00 a.m. and Coach Feeley was already hard at work. His assistants were already preparing the weight room for the multiple sessions of workouts that were set to take place that day. Even in the morning hours, the humidity could be felt on the South Florida Campus. A digital billboard highlighted the days expected temperature at 88 degrees and encouraged the players to get their fluids.

The host of Gymratts is Farb @joshrainergold (Instagram) a true California Gymratt who has competed in both fitness and strongman competitions around the country. David and Farb are an instant match. As the crew sets the stage for two days of shooting, Farb and Coach Feeley discuss the finer points of diet and competition. Each episode features a "Gymratts Challenge" where the strength and conditioning coach puts Farb through a workout challenge that is designed for their collegiate athletes. The Hurricane challenge is called the Tunnel of Pain and features a series lifts and cardio circuits. It's a test Farb is eager take on.

Check out the Hurricane Edition of Gyrmatts featured on #ESPN2 & #ESPNU. Check local listing for dates and times of airings.

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